Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stickety Version 1.3 in the App Store Today!

Yay! The new version is in the app store today!

Version 1.3 adds a bunch of new things including:

  • Redesigned interface with full sticket feed and sticket thread layouts so you can see entire images at a glance
  • Faster scrolling feeds
  • Do more actions right from the feed screen like pan and zoom, play video, etc
  • Easier to hit buttons everywhere and more space in between elements for fatter fingers :-)
  • View the latest few comments right from the main feed
  • View comments with images and videos inline together with the original sticket post 
  • Disappearing top and bottom bars to give you more room to browse content when scrolling 
  • Open alert notifications in the context of the sticket that they relate to
  • View where commenters commented from
  • Auto-complete username feature so you don't have to remember the exact spelling of the person you're replying to 

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