Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's a Moonfish?

I went to T&T Supermarket tonight to get a large salmon to use for the bikini but found out when I got there that they close up and start cleaning the seafood section before the rest of the store closes. The guy behind the counter told me that they don't kill fish after 8:30pm and I would do best to go look in the frozen section. So I went over to the frozen section somewhat deflated.

I was not disappointed when I got there. Since T&T is an Asian supermarket, they carry a whole load of things that are not usually found here. That includes fish. I found a bag with three frozen Moonfish from Vietnam for $3.99 and their skin was shiny and silvery, almost like a silver foil had been gilded onto the fish. That would make a really nice looking swimsuit. Plus, the shape of the fish is so tall and disk-like that it looks like each half of it could become a breast cup.

So yeah, I bought the Moonfish. Here they are defrosting in a bowl.

They smell a lot like sardines and I guess their skin is a lot like a sardine too. They're like giant disk-shaped sardines.

So, I basically filleted them and then used a shell to scrape off all the meat from the skin.

Unfortunately, it looks like the shininess kind of just rubs off when I move it around enough so maybe Moonfish won't be so good after all. At least this time I removed pretty much all the meat and it smells much less fishy. My kitchen on the other hand smells like a fishmonger's shop.

I guess we'll just see what we have when it comes out of the piss.


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